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We flip the old ideas of where people work – how they spend more than a third of their lives – by creating innovative spaces that enrich, support, and inspire a new workforce generation.


They’re our largest asset – a select group of dreamers, designers, misfits and critical thinkers who support our clients fiercely – completely free in the Workspace Culture to offer up any idea, any time, for any undertaking. It’s the reason we don’t have salespeople – because every member of our team brings insight, originality, and value to your project.


We believe in technology.  Our investment in skill & software gives us an end-to-end platform which lets us develop, manage, install, and track projects in real time, no matter the size, scope, or location.


We’re a pocket-sized firm that delivers dramatic results; so while we handle projects across the nation, we also take a local, in-house approach to everything we do. From the real human being who answers your first call, to the technician who puts in that last bolt, our goal is always the same: Do the next right thing.


I grew up in the office furniture business. In high school, when I wasn’t in class, I was out in the field helping my mother lay the foundation of what would later become WorkSpace. I did a bit of everything back then— from unloading boxes and doing installations to taking out the trash. Life was uncertain. We moved houses a lot and money was scarce. I may have been young,  but I felt all the vulnerability that comes with trailblazing a family business. With age came more responsibilities, like building the relationships needed to grow the business. I won’t lie: I was intimidated! I’ll never forget, at 18-years old, making those first jittery phone calls and sporting starchy suits— even having my mom along to my first sales meeting!  As the current CEO of WorkSpace, I recall those first wobbly days with amusement, but also gratitude. That’s when I came to value reliability and stability—not just in business, but in my personal life as well. I've been married to my wife and business partner, Clair, for 15 years and am fully dedicated to her and our two boys. Of course, change is inevitable. In our 25-years in business, WorkSpace has weathered the 2008 financial crisis, technological shifts, and a pandemic that upended the way we work —not to mention the supply chain.  Rather than get paralyzed by big-picture panic, I proceed with one of our core values: Do the next right thing.What do you do when, at the eleventh-hour, you’re notified that an essential desk bracket or power connector is out-of-stock? You do the next right thing—which may entail finding a super-creative workaround, and sometimes even staying up until dawn. Which leads me to another core value: Hard work always wins. I'm from the Rogue Valley and have been cultivating this  business for over half my life. While nowadays WorkSpace takes us all across the country, we remain rooted in our community. From our local hospitals to auto dealerships, I see the outcomes of our work every time I step out my door. I didn’t just grow up in this business, I grew up with it. I'm grateful for that everyday. - Justin

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Review 1 Image
Mt. Ashland
Hiram Towle - General Manager, Mt. Ashland

"Workspace selected well built Knoll products for our
needs and they easily stand up to our incredibly demanding
environment as promised. I highly recommend them should you be
in the market for high quality office furniture and stellar support"

Rogue Credit Union
Gene Pelham - Rogue Credit Union

"From the selection process to installation
the workspace team has demonstrated pride in their work
and regularly checked in to make sure
the process was meeting our expectations"

Katheryn Carnahan - President, FCR

"We've worked with workspace for almost 10 years.
They have outfitted all 6 of our call centers,
over 1,000 workstations at this point.
Justin and the workspace team are fantastic!"

Kingsview Partners
Sean McGillivray - CEO, Kingsview Partners

"The team at workspace has been instrumental to our nationwide
growth plan. Whether we are working with design, installation or service
we have quick and professional help."

CEO, Outlier Construction
Robb Mayers - Outlier Construction

"We used Workspace to outfit our new office.
They worked with us through design giving us different options
to help get the look we wanted while also being cost conscious.
I would recommend workspace to anyone looking to
upgrade their work environment"

Royal Coffee Roasting
Mike - Royal Coffee Roasting

"Workspace always comes in clutch for us. From our corporate
office to our locations they always over deliver! They truly feel
like part of the team not a vendor"

Jared Hill - Director, Asante

"Having Worked with Justin Steffens and his Workspace team for the
past 20+ years, I've watched them grow into a company of the highest
quality, customer service, and dedication to being the best at what they